Chef Adar Tool (Monthly License)

Chef Adar Tool (Monthly License)

Chef Adar
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Mass create and destroy proxies in a flash!

NOTE: This product does not cover proxy cost. You must pay for proxies through third party sellers that we support within the software. 

You can check easily how long your proxies running and see an estimated hourly cost.

You are purchasing the Chef Adar Tool which is a digital product. The license you are purchasing is for renewal access of the tool for a month with free updates until the month is up. Renewal fees are $15 monthly.  

We currently support: 

・Google Cloud Provider 



and more....



Terms of Service

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1. There will be NO refunds, cancellations, or exchanges for purchase of a license. Please triple check to make sure you are purchasing what you intend to.

2. All purchases must be using money you are authorized to spend by someone over the age of 18.

3. I am not liable for any items accidentally purchased due to my OR your incompetence.

4. Terms are subject to change. Please keep up to date with them to avoid any issues.

5. Any order discrepancies will result in a revoked license. Refunds will not be issued for inaccurate payments.

6. If purchasing LA Proxies Tool via PayPal, make sure the e-mail you use is one you have access to AND want to log in from.

7. We don't recommend reselling copies; however, if you do decide to resell, we are not responsible for any third-party resell transactions.

8. LA Proxies Tool can not guarantee cops while using the proxies it generates. We can only help increase the odds of success.

9. Purchase off-site at your own risk. Refunds will not be given to victims of scammers.

10. Sharing licenses is forbidden. If license sharing is discovered, then the associated license will be banned with no refund.

13. We reserve the right to ban any license for any reason we deem fit.

14. We do not cover any of the cost for creating proxies and we are not responsible for any proxies that are not destroyed properly. You as the buyer must ensure that the proxies you create are destroyed!